QNX 6.3.0 BSP for TQ-Module TQM8265

Release Notes

Version: V1.0

Date of this edition: Feb 28, 2005

Target OS: QNX® Neutrino® 6.3.0

Host OS: Microsoft Windows XP SP1 or 2K SP4; Sun Solaris 7/8; QNX® Neutrino® 6.3.0; Linux® (Red Hat 8/9)

Boards supported: TQM8265-AA


What's in this BSP?

This BSP contains:

Binary components

Source code

The flash filesystem driver binary and the flash filesystem library are included in the separately available flash product.


Each BSP guide contains board-specific information and instructions on building an OS image for that particular board.

The procedure for building BSPs has changed since QNX Momentics 6.2.1. For instance, you must now run the setenv.sh script before compiling your BSP source. For details, see the chapter "Working with a BSP" in the Building Embedded Systems manual (in the Documentation Roadmap page under the QNX Neutrino RTOS section).

Installation of source and documentation

To install the BSP, please copy source code and documentation to the following locations:

Host Source code (tqm8265.zip) Documentation (bsp_tqm8265) Release notes (tq8265_rel.html)
Windows $QNX_TARGET\usr\src\archives\qnx\tqm8265.zip $QNX_TARGET\usr\help\product\bsp_tqm8265 $QNX_TARGET\etc\readme\bsp\tq8265_rel.html
QNX Neutrino, Linux, and Solaris $QNX_TARGET/usr/src/archives/qnx/tqm8265.zip $QNX_TARGET/usr/help/product/bsp_tqm8265 $QNX_TARGET/etc/readme/bsp/tq8265_rel.html

The "roadmap" page (e.g. from the Windows XP start menu: All Programs-->QNX Momentics 6.3.0-->Documentation) contains links to the various HTML booksets that accompany the OS: System Architecture, Building Embedded Systems, Programmer's Guide, Library Reference, Utilities Reference, etc..

Binaries, buildfiles, IPLs, and other files

For installation on your host development system please copy the following folders to the $QNX_TARGET\ppcbe directory so that the included files are added to your host file system.

File Location
Buildfile tqm8265_binaries.zip\boot\build
IPL and/or startup tqm8265_binaries.zip\boot\sys
"bin" drivers (serial) tqm8265_binaries.zip\bin
"dll" drivers (network) tqm8265_binaries.zip\lib\dll

You'll find the (pre-compiled) files for the installation on the target in tqm8265_binaries.zip in the following folders:

File Location
Buildfile tqm8265_binaries.zip\images\tqm8265.build
Hard Reset Configuration Word tqm8265_binaries.zip\images\config.bin
IPL and Reset Code tqm8265_binaries.zip\images\ipl-tqm8265.bin
OS image (Startup Code) tqm8265_binaries.zip\images\bsp-tqm8265.ifs

Known issues for this BSP

None at this time.

Technical support

To obtain technical support for the BSP, please contact:

IBV - Echtzeit- und Embedded GmbH & Co. KG
Bergiusstraße 13
D-86199 Augsburg
Fax: +49 821 207107-49
Email: info@ibv-augsburg.de
Web: http://www.ibv-augsburg.com/

If you have any questions, comments, or problems with a QNX product, we recommend that you use the QNX support forums available from the news server, news://inn.qnx.com.